Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review: Something Borrowed

Summary:Rachel White is the consummate good girl. A hard-working attorney at a large Manhattan law firm and a diligent maid of honor to her charmed best friend Darcy, Rachel has always played by all the rules. Since grade school, she has watched Darcy shine, quietly accepting the sidekick role in their lopsided friendship. But that suddenly changes the night of her thirtieth birthday when Rachel finally confesses her feelings to Darcy's fiance, and is both horrified and thrilled to discover that he feels the same way. As the wedding date draws near, events spiral out of control, and Rachel knows she must make a choice between her heart and conscience. In so doing, she discovers that the lines between right and wrong can be blurry, endings aren't always neat, and sometimes you have to risk everything to be true to yourself.

Review: I'll admit, I read this book because I really loved the movie. I'll also admit I only saw the movie because I love Colin Egglesfield (Dex in the movie).  I loved the movie so much that I decided to read the book. There were a couple of things about this book/movie that is different from most book/movies experiences I have. For one, I liked the movie more! That has never happened to me before, I'm not sure if it's because I saw the movie before reading the book or something else. I do know that something I liked more in the movie was that there was no question if Dex loved Rachel loved in law school. He flat out tells her in the movie, and in the book it was kind of hinted out once or twice "I was gonna ask you on a date once" or something silly like that, it doesn't tell me anything. In the movie his feelings are there, they're obvious and he declares them quite often. Anyway, on to the book. Usually when I read a book I hate the "other woman" but Giffin has a way of making you like her. Everyone has the friend like Darcy, gets everything she wants, lucks out and gets things she doesn't want, beautiful, popular, everyone likes her, so you automatically have that  connections with Rachel. You feel connected with her, you cry when she cries, and you get aggravated with Dex when she does.  There's also the relationship between Darcy and Rachel, that close friendship that is like having a sister. I liked it, a lot of people have that relationship, and if they don't they wish they did, so you get to live that friendship for the duration of the book. You're rooting for Rachel in this book, you want her to her the guy, because I think most girls will find a little piece of themselves in her. Darcy has screwed her over so many times you just WANT to see her get hurt in the end, to have the average girl from behind and steal the beautiful girls man away. I still liked the book even though I liked the movie better, I will read the next one for sure!

Quotes I liked: Surely he knows we are all watching. That I am watching. It is always that way when you are in a group and someone decides to go for a swim or walk to the water. The ocean is a giant stage. It is natural that the others watch, if only for a moment.

"I'm telling you, it's harder to find a good guy in New York than anywhere." It is the cliche of single life in Manhattan, but only because it's true.

There is no better audience for someone in love than someone in love.

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