Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review: Forever

Review: Of course I eagerly anticipated the release of this book because I loved the two previous ones in the trilogy: Shiver and Linger. I pre-ordered it and read the last page when it arrived...I wasn't happy with what I saw so I put it on the shelf and opted to read a few other books I had first. Finally I got the courage and read it, it had to be done. At first I was not really liking it as much as I liked the first two, I felt the writing was different. It seemed a bit overly sophisticated and I wasn't feeling it. I came across a lot of words I didn't know the definition to, and I had never even heard before, and that made me really angry. This is a YA book so why are there words that look like they should only be on a dictionary page and never again see the light of day? I was getting really frustrated with this, and it was turning me off. Some of these words were even in other languages and there was no translation provided. Words I had no clue the meaning to: Buboes, Cthulhu, Diurnal, Erudite. But whatever, moving on to my favorite things in the book. I really enjoyed the flashback sort of stories that this book was full of. One of my first favorites was the one when Sam is remembering an incident where Beck is teaching him to put his bad memories in a box and stick them into a corner of his brain never to be opened, and little Sam calls it brain tape. At the end of the story Sam says: "we sat like that for a long while, and when we stood up, all my sad things were in boxes, and Beck was my father." Awww. There were little moments between Sam and Grace that were adorable, when you just knew they were really in love with each other. Sam recalls a time when Grace squeezed into the chair with him, pinched him and then said sorry Sam says you don't say sorry while nipping someones earlobe. This book also involved a lot of story line around Isabel and Cole and they had a lot of their own chapters. Surprisingly I liked their chapters more than I liked Sam and Grace's I couldn't wait for their chapters and then I read quickly until it was them again, I love the story that revolved around them. I really fell for Cole in this book especially all the moments that he had with the stupid little Mustang toy Isabel gave him. Particularly the one where  he drives it up Isabel's arm in her mom's clinic. I really loved this trilogy and I'm sad to see it go, I Can't say i'm 100% thrilled with the ending, there are things I HATED about this book *cough* Beck. But I would read it again and recommend it for sure. 5/5 stars.

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