Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: Vengeance

Summary:After the devastating events at Reed's birthday party, Noelle is determined to put the past to rest, but Reed is adament about rebuilding Billings. Coming up against endless roadblocks from the headmaster, not to mention Billings alumni, Reed will not let her legacy end with a pile of rubble. 

As if that weren't enough, old ghosts come back to haunt to the Billings Girls. Reed has been through the ringer in her time at Easton and she starts to wonder if maybe she can even make it out of this place alive

Review: I actually finished this book on Friday, the day after I started reading it, but since it is the last book in the Private series, and the spin-off Privilege is over as well, I decided to take a few days to just think it over and write the review. Taking the time to write the review gave me a few more days with the series, so it didn't seem like it was over yet. But the time has come to write the review. With the last few books of this series, I was starting to see it going places I didn't expect it to, and I was feeling like it was dragging a bit and becoming weird. With the introduction of the ancient ancestors and the witch craft I was really starting to feel like really? This is getting silly. Happily however; this book went right back to the original things that got me so into this series. There was mystery, murder, unrequited love, secrets, enemies, friendship, all that good stuff. As the pages started to get closer and closer to the end the more I became sad. I started reading this series a few winters ago, when I found Invitation Only in the deleted section of my local library. The deleted section is where they put kind of tattered and old books and you can take them home to keep. So, I took this one because it looked kind of interesting. I read it in one night and realized about halfway through that it seemed like I was missing something. When I checked out the website for the series I found out that there were already like 7 books in the series and I had started on number two. Which is how I first came into reading this series. The last 3 chapters were the saddest for me, because everything was ending, and it was becoming more and more obvious. Characters were graduating, people from the first books were coming back, kind of a last hoorah for us. I feel bad about Mr. Lange, he has become sort of a staple in the background of these books. Whenever something needed to be done, a call to him had it all set up, I was really upset when he was killed. I definitely missed his presence in this book. It's sad Reed won't get to know him as her father, and it's obvious how much Noelle misses him, they were very close. I'll admit I got a little teary eyed at the graduation scene, and on the last page I thought, wow I can't wait for the next one..and then I remembered there wouldn't be a next one. I'll miss this series a lot, and I can't wait for future books from this author. Farewell Private and Privilege, you will be missed. 

5/5 stars

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