Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grace is currently reading....

I am currently reading The Book Of Spells by Kate Brian. I have been reading and following the private series, and have enjoyed them from the beginning. The Book Of Spells is called a private prequel, but any fan of the series knows that there already is a prequel titled: Last Christmas which focuses on a brief Christmas break romance between Ariana Osgood and the beloved and short lived) Thomas Pearson. So I wouldn't consider this book to be a prequel necessarily, considering there already is a prequel to the series. This is more of a pre-prequal, because this book isn't set in the distant past, but rather it is set in 1915, before Easton Academy even allowed girls into their campus. I was a bit guarded going in to the book, considering the huge twist in plot that the series has turned down. To avoid spoiling this book, and others in the series, do not read past this point if you haven't already read them **SPOILERS** the pre co-ed Billings' girls find a secret treasure map and follow the directions to the basement of a church. Here they discover a trunk of spells and magic books, they start practicing from the book and officially become witches. I am currently on page 150 in the book, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I am actually enjoying it (despite how far off it is from the rest of the series). A full summary and review of the novel will be posted once I finish it, which will be soon, so hang tight.

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