Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Red Riding Hood

The blacksmith would marry her.
The woodcutter would run away with her.
The werewolf would turn her into one of its own.

Valerie's sister was beautiful, kind, and sweet. Now she is dead. Henry, the handsome son of the blacksmith, tries to console Valerie, but her wild heart beats fast for another: the outcast woodcutter, Peter, who offers Valerie another life far from home. 

After her sister's violent death, Valerie's world begins to spiral out of control. For generations, the Wolf has been kept at bay with a monthly sacrifice. But now no one is safe. When an expert Wolf hunter arrives, the villagers learn that the creature lives among them--it could be anyone in town. 

It soon becomes clear that Valerie is the only one who can hear the voice of the creature. The Wolf says she must surrender herself before the blood moon wanes...or everyone she loves will die.

Review: As I said in an earlier post, if a book is going to be a movie soon, i'll read the book so as to compare. I saw the commercial for this movie and thought that it looked really good, the colors were vibrant, and it looked like it was full of action, so I bought the book. I was disappointed. I thought it was VERY boring, the beginning of the book, and when I say beginning I mean the first 165 pages, keep in mind there are only 329 in the book. When Father Solomon comes to the village and begins telling his story, that is when the book starts getting good, and mysterious. Who is the wolf? Why does he have an interest in Valerie? It was so boring to me that I thought of stopping all together, but I have read books that start slow and then get really great so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. As if I wasn't upset enough about not enjoying the book...THE END WASN'T THERE!! The last chapter of the book is left out so as not to spoil the ending of the movie! The last page of the book gives a website to head over to on March 14th to find out the end. While this is a great marketing idea to get people to see the movie, it left me really angry. If i'm paying for a book, I want the WHOLE book thank you. In the end I would not recommend this book to anyone, but I do still plan on seeing the movie, it looks good. We shall see.

http://redridinghoodbook.com/  For those of you waiting for the last chapter...

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